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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 6, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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everyone everywhere but for you it was about so much more than that. it was, as you said, a rebirth. a spiritual experience. >> it was very spiritual. and the fact that i had cut off my arm was a part of that, for sure. there's a positive side to it. i was getting every proverbial second chance in the book. >> remember how he described that moment when he went back to the canyon? how he wrenched himself away from the boulder and certain death? it was an act at once desperate and exhilarating. >> i fell down like this and i -- i was free. >> you were reborn. >> yeah. it was the happiest moment of my life and looking down canyon i knew i had -- i had a hell of a trip left.
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but at least i didn't -- i was not going to die right here. and the power of that was astonishing. >> aron's hike out of the canyon was actually just the beginning of a long road back. his recovery was complicated and painful. there were five surgeries, a life threatening bone infection. you would think that physical hardship, his amputation, would have dulled aron's appetite for risk. instead, it only sharpened it. within three months of the accident and with the help of specially modified prosthetic devices, aron was back scaled ice walled mountains. year after year he pushed himself to take on one peak, one challenge solo after another. it seemed he was back on top in every way. now, almost eight years later, aron has a better perspective on
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life since the accident. >> when i talked to you, we went back to the canyon, i need to get the new relationships and rushed right back in the wilderness and doing solo climbs in the winter again. i know enough about this, a lot of them were pretty high risk. what do you think took you back? >> for me, once i had my amputation there was just even more to fill up because now there's a seven greater sense of i'm not capable but i set about proving to myself again and again and again that i am capable. it was really about, like, my own ego of like i was better at this than anybody else. >> however, that go for it and go it alone attitude would soon land aron in another deep hole. three years after his escape from blue john, he lost three friends to suicide all in the span of just weeks. and then a romance he thought was destined for the altar abruptly ended.
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the life he had struggled to hang on in that canyon suddenly seemed worthless. how much were you aware of your depression? >> i was absolutely aware. i spent 18 hours a day crying. finally, realized as i became suicidal in my own mind that i realized i needed to get help and for someone who's like myself been so fiercely independent, dedicated -- >> self reliant, right. >> when i had nothing else i turn on a video camera and talked to hi loved ones and that was that essence of connection. >> as he wrestled with himself, that message from blue john canyon seemed to take hold. with the help of family, therapy and even medication, aron edged away from despair, eventually reconnected with old friends and a larger world. >> and action! >> and then, hollywood came calling. academy award winning director
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danny boyle read the book about the ordeal and transformation in that canyon. he wanted to make a movie about it. >> it's -- being the subject of a film, when i set out on that hike that day i never could have imagined that it would have led down this path. >> aron was on hand as the movie was filmed last year. he says watching someone else recreate his frantic struggle was surreal to say the least. >> he's wearing my clothes and he's all bloodied up and moving through and it was like watching a ghost or a phantom like watching myself those eight years ago. >> the actor who plays him in the film, james franco, says the role was grueling work, especially since he's not an experienced climber like aron. but then, he adds, the movie is not about what aron did in that canyon but about what happened to him there. >> he gets stuck in that canyon
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and in our film it can't just be a sort of a way to figure out, you know, logistically how to get out but an emotional gaunt throat go through and so you need the character to start in one place, very sort of kind of arrogant place and thoughtless place in some respects and come out out the other side kind of a different person, somebody that appreciates the relationships in his life. >> so, what did aron think when he finally got to see the finished product? up on the big screen for the first time. >> i cried, deeply, for most of the movie. it's -- it's one thing to have lived it to then talk about it to have written about it to see it, though, it is like -- it is like living it again. >> the film has also moved audiences and critics alike. it's been nominated for several academy awards including best picture and best actor.
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and rereleased in theaters. aron says walking the red carpet and mingling with celebrities at ceremonies has been like stepping into someone else's world. >> it's fun to be walking along and gather up and get our picture taken under the big sign saying gollen globes. to enjoy that has been a part of it. >> one more. >> joining him for the ride and keeping his grounded is his wife jessica. the couple married in 2009. aron says that while she's one reason he feels even more connected these days, there is another. his name is leo. >> when you were at your lowest moment in the blue john canyon trapped behind the rock, you did have a vision of this child running towards you. >> uh-huh. >> your son at some point in the future. >> yeah. >> was that truly metaphysical moment for you. >> uh-huh. >> and probably gave you energy
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and determination to get out of there. now you have that son. the arc is complete in a way. >> it is. i very much look at him and see him as being that little boy who appeared in a vision while i was trapped and gave me the courage and the hope that i could get out of there, that i would some day even have that son and to -- to have him in my life gives another dimension in a sense because he saved my life while i was -- while i was trapped. >> aron's new role as father and husband may have tempered but not completely tamed him. the great outdoors still beckons if not its more dangerous exploits. aron ralston has come to realize that life's frontiers aren't always its tallest peaks or deepest canyons. these days, in fact, they can be found much closer to home.
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to read an excerpt of "between a rock and a hard place" log on to our website. i'm tom brokaw. good night. right now at 11:00, he was young and health y. why people are telling nbc bay area it could have been prevented. it's what many people are talking about, the iphone versus verizon. which carrier has the better deal. >> and from darth vader to dogs to divas, we'll show you the super bowl ads your friends might be talking about tomorrow morning. the news starts right now. >> good evening. i'm diane dwyer. 10,000 people ran at least part of the half marathon in san francisco today.
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one man from the east bay down of orinda collapsed at the finish line and died. and tonight nbc bay area is learning that many witnesses say the medical response to that emergency was slow at best. nbc bay area reporter elise kirschner joins us from orinda with the latest. >> reporter: his family tonight understandably are in shock. they did not want the talk to the media. dozens of family and friends are all at peter hoskins' orinda home which is just a few miles away from where i am standing, and they had no comment. just this morning, 36-year-old peter hoss was running a half marathon, and tonight his family and friends are mourning his loss. here is video of him being interviewed back in february 2009, talking about his company, pet sport usa. a wholesale pet supply store that he ran with his wife. hoss competed in the kaiser permanente half marathon this morning in san francisco at a very fast rate.
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the 13.1 mile course winds through golden gate park and draws an estimated 10,000 runners. now according to published reports, haas collapsed just before passing the finish line. five race volunteers started giving him cpr long before medical personnel or ambulance were called to assist. a viewer who also ran the race contacted nbc bay area news and confirmed there was a serious time lag in responding. here is in part what he told us. from the time he collapsed to when i crossed the line, he had been receiving cpr for nearly 15 minutes, and there was still no emergency response on the scene and no ambulance. from the time he collapsed to when the ambulance finally ah live was apparently nearly a half hour, with one person saying the ambulance was unable to find the race finish line. and the exact cause of death is still unknown. the medical examiner will be performing an autopsy some time
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this week. elise kirschner, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, elise. a woman who was allegedly assaulted and kidnapped l.a. night in oakland has turned up in a hospital. oakland police are still looking for two men who allegedly kidnapped her. witness says they saw a man chasing the woman last night in oakland and cornered her inside an apartment complex. two men then allegedly put her in a car and drove off. it happened on eileen street near san pablo avenue around 8:00 last night. the license plate number 6jfg056. we still don't have an update right now on the woman's condition at the hospital. three uc berkeley graduates are accused of spying in iran, pleaded not guilty to trespassing and espionage charges today. two of the hiker, shane bauer and josh fattal were present in court in iran. the third hiker, sarah shourd, seen here, was released on half a million dollars bail.
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she was summoned back to court but better entered her plea in absentia. no media were allowed inside the chambers. at this point no date has been set for that trial to resume. ♪ all right. whether they made you laugh or shocked you, the super bowl commercials certainly captured people's attention this time around. that and of course the game that went down to the wire with the winning quarterback from cal. we'll get to the game a bit later in sports. but right now marianne favro takes a look at the ads. >> reporter: it's a competition almost as big as the super bowl itself. companies paid a reported $3 million for a 30-second ad during the big game. so you can bet that they're hoping you'll still be texting, tweeting, and talking about their ads tomorrow. silly. >> grandpa! >> reporter: sentimental. super special effects. you have tuned in to watch the super bowl, and a commercial broke out. 60 of them. and you can bet companies that
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paid $100,000 a second are hoping they scored with consumers. >> is it hot in here? >> reporter: this ad definitely had shock value. >> that was disturbing. it was cool up until joan rivers and then i drop mid spoon. >> reporter: but it was doritos dominating the favorites list. >> i thought the doritos commercial were professional and humorous. >> the pug with the doritos. and it was really hilarious. >> reporter: the ad sparked a lot of text talk during halftime. helen garcia's fans were happy to share their favorite and the commercials got plenty in cyberspace attention too, with people chatting on facebook. this volkswagen ad made many viewers light up. >> my favorite commercial was the little boy with the darth vader. >> reporter: others inspired action. >> i loved all of the movie trailers. it was okay, we need to see that, we need to see that. >> reporter: now duelling companies have to wait and see if super bowl memories translate
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into supersized profits. so how did the commercials rate? usa today's ad group monitored. the bud light ad features a dog sitter who gets the canines to cater his party shared the top spot with the doritos ad with the pug, which by the way was created by consumers. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, marianne. a google executive missing in egypt for ten days will be released from government custody tomorrow. at least that's what family members a daying tonight. ghoneim is head of google's marketing for the middle east and north africa. he is also thought to be the activist that created the facebook page that first called for the uprising. it's believed the egyptian government is holding him. his brother says egyptian authorities called this evening with news of the report there are reports he is being released at 6:00 a.m. our time tomorrow
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morning. that's the plan. coming up nt at 11:00 -- >> i don't understand how bad things happen to such great people. >> she was killed in her own home in an upscale neighborhood in san francisco. we'll have the latest on the case against accused killer who posed as a pge worker to get access to her home. and this week marks a big change for the iphone. no longer does at&t have an exclusive hold. we'll compare plans between at&t and verizon, coming up. and after another day of record-breaking temperatures, things are quickly cooling around the bay area. tonight 59 degrees in san jose. the winds back off. we do have a buying cooldown on the way, and some rain showing . ecast. f so look atha wt when e come right back. wh
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on tuesday morning in a san francisco courtroom, a suspect is scheduled to face a judge, accused of one of the city's most high-profile and baffling murders of the past year. 46-year-old kathleen horen was killed in her apartment on russian hill last october. as the legal fight against her accused killer begins, friends and family still struggle with their loss. >> reporter: there are those who come to san francisco and fall in love with the city. then there are a special few who the city in turn seems to love right back. >> oh, definitely. >> reporter: karen says her close friend kate was just such a person, the kind people stopped to watch when she entered a room. >> just the way she carried herself when she walked in, you knew when her presence was there, just because she was --
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she was very classy and very elegant. >> reporter: horn was what many would call a fashionista. she consulted about fashion, wrote about it, traveled the world looking for it. sadly, it's after returning from one such trip to argentina that kate horn's life ended on russian hill. >> i kept saying not kate, not kate. >> reporter: it was the night of october 29th. she was in her apartment when a man showed up. >> he was dressed as a utility worker. he had a hard hat. he had a tool belt. he had a tool kit. and he used these things to gain entry to the building as a disguise. >> reporter: what is more, police have said it was just weeks after the san bruno pipeline explosion, and the man was playing on people's fear, pretending to be with pge, investigating a gas leak. whatever the reason, she let him in. her murder was deeply felt by many in the city. a charity fundraiser she helped
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organize became something of a memorial to her, and hundreds posted condolences online. one week after her murder, and almost by chance, police went to check on a man lying in the bushes of a san francisco park. gary scott holland was on parole after serving more than a decade in prison for attempted murder. investigators have not revealed just what evidence they had that holland is the killer, or exactly how he ended up at her door. but they charged him with the crime, and he returns to court on tuesday. where family and friends will be waiting, waiting for answers to questions they wish they never had to ask. >> i don't understand it. i don't understand how bad things happen to such great people. >> reporter: garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> gary scott holland, by the way, is facing charges of not just murder, but robbery and attempted rape as well. er have zan plans to start selling its highly anticipated
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iphones in stores this week. the company started taking preorders for the phone last week, and customers can have one in their hands as early as thursday. so how does verizon service stack up to at&t? well, they're actually very similar cost-wise. both charge the same for the phone, $200 and $300. the voice and text plans are also the same. they do offer different data plans. at&t will charge you as low as $15 a month and as much as $45, depending on how much data you use. verizon is offering a flat unlimited $25 plan. at&t has multitasking and says it is working to speed things up as well. the iphones go on sell this thursday. the price tag $200 for the 16 gig version. i'm getting this, okay. and 300 for the 32 gig model. i've got it now. okay. jump houses may be banned from public parks in walnut creek that city is planning to do away with allowing the popular children's party inflatables in parks because of budget cuts, or at least they're considering it. city leader says not only do
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thakey wre havoc on lawns, but processing the permit takes valuable time that could be better spent. >> obviously it's going to be hard, you know, because as a parent, you're limited to, you know, activities for kids for birthday parties. and you know, if you're not allowed to do it, then it's going to be -- it's just going to be too bad for the kids. >> the park recreation and open space commission is set to make a decision on the bounce houses tomorrow night. nearby danville, clayton and pleasanton have already done away with them. we're going check in with rob maeda on one of the most spectacular days in february ever around here. it's got to be. >> we set an all-time record high for the month of february in oakland of a high of 81 degrees earlier. now the winds have really backed off, and the clear skies, the temperatures are really dropping around the bay area. right now 59 degrees in san jose. this after 77 earlier this afternoon. oakland 54, down from 81 degrees earlier. and san francisco we hit 77 today. now 57 degrees.
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and the winds are relatively light. now let me show you the temperatures around the rest of the bay area. this is very interesting. livermore at this hour yesterday with the offshore winds was sitting at 70. so right now 52 degrees. you see that big drop in temperatures with these clear skies and the dry air in place. so tonight we'll be running much cooler. less wind setting us up for a cooler day as we head to tomorrow. you'll actually need your jacket tomorrow morning. mostly low to mid-40s for temperatures for your morning. heading into the afternoon, a few low 70s tomorrow. not as warm as we had today. and the trend will certainly be cooler as we head into tuesday. right now no rain anywhere near the bay area. you can see the clouds way off to the north. but high pressure now starting to flatten out as the system here will drop down out of the north, as we head into tuesday. that's going crank up the winds again. but this is going to be cooler air spilling into the bay area. our temperatures are going to drop off. no more 70s and 80s. we're talking mainly 50s and 60s for highs here as we head through the workweek. then as we head towards next weekend, stay tuned. we're going to see a trough set
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up on the west coast. this is the exact opposite of a ridge of high pressure. and this will be the first chance in a while that we'll see a chance of seeing some rain coming in, probably showers, mainly off to the north, and certainly some cooler temperatures as you wrap up the weekend and head into probably just about a week from now. we will see that rainy pattern setting up for the bay area. overnight temperatures tonight, mostly in the 40s as we show you tomorrow highs. should still see some 70s out there around the hilltops. but down from the near 80 degree temperatures we had today. 68 degrees in san jose. close to 70 in los gatos. for the coast, we'll see highs in the low 60s. san francisco back into the mid-60s as opposed to the upper 70s we had today. around the east bay we'll see highs in the mid-60s. and for north bay, highs close to 70 in lake port and 67 around santa rosa. here you go. roller coaster ride for your seven-day forecast. temperatures cooling off as we head to the first half of the week. then as we head towards thursday and friday we may see the numbers come up little bit more. but stay tuned for the weekend. we'll talk for about a chance of showers, and then the next seven days look likes off and on rain
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coming back to the bay area. >> look morse like february. all right, thank you, rob. big changes coming to facebook. why the social networking site could soon be in a new site of its own. good evening. a very special edition of "sports sunday," the tag team edition with the heart foundation. big night for aaron rodgers, doing this all night long. well, the cal grad, the night he will never forget. >> no doubt about it. and plus we go behind the scenes with warriors star steph curry, dropping ridiculous w sits. siw stanford head football coach, david shaw.
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same face, new location. as rumored for months, facebook may be ready for a new home. the palo alto social networking giant has invited reporters to an event tuesday morning at city hall in menlo park. speculation is they'll be moving to the former sun microsystems campus in menlo park. and coming up on "sports sunday" from the bay area to green bay, they are celebrating the super bowl mvp. former cal bear of course aaron rodgers. just ahead on "sports sunday." have a good night. and now another viewpoint response to an nbc bay area editorial. >> last week we said because people like russ the san francisco bay's biggest polluter, it's time we cleaned up our act. and you agreed.
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our first viewer says how about plastic bottles. consumers want high quality drinking water, disregarding the fact that packaging, processing, and delivery are far more polluting. bay lover believes every city should make it easy for residents to clean up their act, starting with banning plastic bags like san jose. calidad says keep it up. i found stores willing to mick my chips in for reuse. and just this weekend i made a trip to the household haz waste and e-waste facilities to get rid of old household toxins. so easy. be a part of the solution. join us online at
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good evening, and welcome to this tag-team edition of "sports sunday." i'm the junkyard dog. he is -- actually kind of more like the road warriors. welcome allen to nbc bay area sports. what a game today. >> what game indeed, laurence. appreciate it. glad to be back. you don't look a day older. we were graced with another fantastic super bowl, no doubt. >> chico, the home of sierra nevada beer and aaron rodgers. his family and friends, just like us today glued to the game. we take you to the hometown of the super bowl nbc. >> the faithful packed the house. and a look at giants fan fest, and why players are psyched for spring ball to start. plus, he has been on the farm for years as a player and assistant coach. now he has taken over for jim harbaugh as head coach. we talked to stanford's david shaw about what is to come, including one more season with andrew luck. >> yeah, as always,


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